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Congratulations to our new NHRMC Project Grant Recipients


Winthrop Professor Karen Edmond

Winthrop Professor Karen Edmond

1. Improving primary care for Aboriginal mothers and babies in the Kimberley region of Western Australia: a population and region based cluster randomised trial driven by local health service providers $1,969,771

2. Improving access to primary care for Aboriginal babies in Western Australia. The ‘Stork’ population based cluster randomised trial. $1,250,992



Winthrop Professor Peter LeSouëf

Peter LeSouef

 Effect of anti-IgE antibody on immune system responses and short-term outcome in acute asthma in children $547,648

Associate Professor Peter Richmond

Associate Professor Peter RichmondComparing pneumococcal vaccines in a high risk population: a randomised controlled trial of immunogenicity, safety and impact on carriage of pneumococcal conjugate and polysaccharide vaccines in infants in Papua New Guinea $1,009,610

Associate Professor Lea-Ann Kirkham

Associate Professor Lea-Ann Kirkham

Evaluation of Haemophilus haemolyticus as a preventative therapy for NTHi disease $431,830





Congratulations to our New Fellowship Recipients

Dr Christopher Blyth - DoH Clinical Research Fellowship

Chris Blyth

Research Project: Preventing influenza morbidity and mortality in West

Australian children through vaccination

Hundreds of children in Western Australia (WA) are admitted to hospital each year with influenza. Preschool children and children with specific underlying conditions are at greatest risk of severe infection and death. WA is the only state with a publically-funded influenza vaccination program for all preschool children. Following vaccine-associated adverse events in 2010, uptake of childhood influenza vaccine has been poor.

Dr Blyth will undertake research to determine the effectiveness of influenza vaccine in West Australian children, explore the uptake in children with specific underlying conditions and describe patient and parental factors that influence acceptance of this important public health intervention.

Clinical Assoc. Professor Gareth Baynam - DoH Clinical Research Fellowship

Gareth Baynam

Research Project: 1 in 12: Translational Research for Rare Diseases

Cumulatively rare diseases affect approximately 1 in 12 individuals which equates to 1.5 million Australians including over 400,000 children. This project provides a framework for the coordination of Western Australian rare disease (RD) research and clinical care that integrates with global initiatives.

It develops resources that: 1). define RD impact; 2). generate new functionality of existing RD registries; 3). facilitate modular generation of novel RD registries; 4). provide new objective tools, including 3D facial analysis, for RD diagnosis, description and treatment monitoring; 5). facilitate access to resources for individuals living with RD; and 6). synergistically contribute towards international RD efforts.

Professor Jane Pillow – NHMRC Research Fellowship & NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship

Jane Pillow

Congratulations to our Telethon – Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund Grant Recipients

Dr Christopher Blyth
PneumoWA: a case control study of the role of viral and bacterial pathogens in causing pneumonia among Western Australian children
Dr Lea-Ann Kirkham

Evaluation of Haemophilus haemolyticus as a preventative therapy for ear disease

Professor Peter Le Souef

To investigate nasopharyngeal and gut microbiome profiles in ABC and CBC children regarding their dietary patterns

W/Professor Susan Prescott

Improving gut biodiversity with soluble fibre in early life to prevent inflammatory disease - a pilot study to study effects on early immune development

Dr Anthony Bosco

Development of a new paradigm to accelerate translation of research discoveries into new treatments for patients

Dr Saskia Decuypere

Developing a simple, rapid and accurate diagnostic test for neonatal sepsis

Professor Jack Goldblatt

To identify epigenetic biomarkers of congenital heart defects in a family based epidemiology study

Dr Nicholas Gottardo

New uses for old drugs: repurposing treatments for childhood brain cancers

A/Professor Belinda Hales

Identifying strategies for the prevention and treatment of rhinovirus-induced asthma

Congratulations to our Research Collaboration Awards Recipients

Dr Gemma McLeod

Metabolomics after preterm birth - A proof of concept study.

Imperial College London. $10,000.00.

Winthrop Professor Susan Prescott
Facilitating a new collaborative NIH application in response to recent NIH RO1 call for mechanistic studies into Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD).
Winthrop Professor Susan Prescott

University of Wisconsin, University of Southampton, University of Melbourne, University of Alberta, University of Cape Town, University of Sydney, Northwestern University, University of Marburg. $18,000.00.

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