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Longitudinal assessments of asthma

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This study will assess several groups of children and adults with longitudinal data derived from mulitiple assessments.


This study is an 18 -year assessment of the Perth Infant Asthma Follow-up (PIAF) cohort.  This is the latest follow-up of a population of 253 subjects who were recruited at birth and have been followed-up on previous occasions at onw month, 12 months, 6 years and 11 years of age. 


The project aims to examine the factors associated with respiratory disease in adolescence, including:

  • clinical
  • physiological
  • immunological
  • genetic
  • environmental

The current follow-up is focussing on the effects of puberty and obesity on the development of respiratory disease at this age. 


Data from the previous follow-ups have contributed significantly to our understanding of factors in early life that predict disease later in life.



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