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Jones, Anya

Anya Jones

School of Paediatrics & Child Health
The University of Western Australia
Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
PO Box D 184, Subiaco
WA 6840

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Start Date

3 November 2013

Submission Date

4 November 2016

Anya Jones


Elucidation of immunoinflammatory gene networks underlying acute viral bronchiolitis (AVB).


Acute viral bronchiolitis (AVB) is an inflammation of the small airways in the lower respiratory tract. In Australia, AVB is the most common cause of infant (< 18 months) hospitalisations. Acute lower respiratory tract infections (LRIs) severe enough to require hospitalisations are estimated to be between 11-20 million worldwide and result in 2 million deaths of children under 5 years of age. Furthermore, AVB is a major risk factor for the development of asthma. Current treatment options for infants are suboptimal and new treatment alternatives are urgently needed. To enable the development of new therapies we need to characterise the molecular mechanisms that underpin the pathogenesis of AVB.

The aim of this study is to employ a cutting-edge systems biology approach to identify and dissect the inflammatory mechanisms underlying AVB.

Why my research is important

This is the first study to employ this systems biology approach to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying AVB. If successful, this research will further our knowledge of the pathogenesis of AVB, and facilitate the development of new therapies that are based on detailed knowledge of the underlying mechanisms.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship

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