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David Hendrickx

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Start Date

July 2012

Submission Date

July 2015

David Hendrickx


Towards the control of scabies and associated skin infections in Western Australia's remote Aboriginal communities: A community-based approach.


The aim of this PhD research project is to document for the first time the extent to which scabies and associated skin infections are a public health issue in Western Australia's remote Aboriginal communities and to identify comprehensive, culturally secure and sustainable ways of improving their control in these settings.

The research project consists of several studies.  First of all, it will document the burden of skin infections in WA as reported in state-wide hospitalisation data.  This will be complemented by community-level data on patient presentations to local clinics in several remote Aboriginal communities located in the Western Desert.
Qualitative studies will also be undertaken, with the aim of documenting community and healthcare provider attitudes and practices towards skin infections.  Of particular interest here will be issues that might affect healthcare seeking behavior (such as stigma and normalisation) and the clinical management of patients presenting with skin infections.

The outcomes of these studies will be used to help inform the development of a potential state-wide skin infection control strategy for remote Aboriginal communities.

Why my research is important

Skin infections are common in remote Aboriginal communities, where they have been associated with the development of kidney and heart disease.  Therefore, if effective and sustainable skin infection control strategies can be developed, the incidence of these serious sequelae may also be reduced.  In order to ensure the success of such strategies, they must be well adapted to the setting in which they are to be implemented and need to take into account community and healthcare provider knowledge, attitudes and practices.  This PhD project will provide this kind of contextual information, which is a precondition to the design and implementation of effective disease control interventions.


  • Scholarship for International Research Fees
  • University International Stipend
  • Stan and Jean Perron Award


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